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Globli is a delivery platform that connects customers with great offerings and eager couriers. We grow your business by helping thousands of people find your venue and by making it super easy for your regulars to order more.

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Globli has significantly boosted sales for local businesses and helped them setup on demand delivery.

Jessica Says

Globli makes it so easy for us to get new customers“

Why become a Globli partner?

More money, guaranteed

We've studied this inside out with clear results: 91 % of Wolt orders are additional sales to venues. Every time your smartphone makes a sound, you make extra money.

It's 100% risk-free

There's no fee for joining Globli. You can quit whenever, for any reason. And as Globli operates on commission, we benefit only, if you get lots of new sales.

We do the heavy lifting

Our courier partners make sure your customers get their order 30–40 minutes from ordering. Globli takes care of all the payments and all the customer support. You can sit back and relax or log on to Globli Merchant Insights and watch your business grow.

Features & Benefits



Our Partner App keeps your orders in... order!

Orders arrive on your smartphone and are always already paid for. All your staff needs to do is prepare the order and hand it to our courier partner who will be there at just the right time to take the items to your customer. 

Account management

We’ll have an actual human being ready to help with anything you might need.

24/7 support

Questions about your food orders? Our online chat is available around the clock.

Happy Faces of Happy Partners

With more people staying home and practicing social distancing, we understand the urgency for you to get your business online so you can continue reaching customers, with minimal interruptions.

Change is never easy, but we’re here and ready to support you with your transition.