Globli makes it incredibly easy for you to discover and get what you want...

Delivered to you – quickly, reliably and affordably. And by doing so, we make cities better places to live.

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Globli is your everyday, everything Super App

What is this Globli thing anyway?

Globli is a disruptive new technology and referral program that transforming the way goods move around cities through our revolutionary logistics platform that connects customers with local couriers who can deliver nearly anything from your favorite wholesaler or retailer in minutes. 

We empower communities to shop local and empower businesses to grow through our marketplace, as well as through tapping into our API to offer delivery. 


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Companies usually have a “mission and vision”. What are ours?

Globli is – essentially – building new infrastructure. We build a connection between restaurants and retailers that want to make and sell food and other products, couriers that want to earn through delivering those products, and customers who want to free up time and effort to focus on the more important things in life. By doing this, we make our cities also better places to live. And by “better” we mean happier people: happier small enterprises that have more business and that can employ more people, happier couriers that have a flexible way to earn when they choose, happier customers who now have easy access to a great meal or anything else they need, exactly when and where they need it – and who get to save some of their precious time while they are at it.

We prioritize your safety

All of our partners are tracked and undergo a thorough background check to guarantee your safety.

Maintain high quality standards

Your ratings and feedback help us ensure that you get the best experience with Globli every time.

Provide transparent pricing

Our charges have no hidden-costs, we ensure to list out all charges per service used.

Our vision is to build the digital world version of the shopping malls we used to frequent, this time brought to the convenience of our homes and workplaces within the half-hour or so. We started with the food court on top the floor, and have since expanded to groceries on the ground floor along with all the other shops, stores and boutiques in the middle – and we’re still only getting started.

What operating sustainably and finding the right balance means for us?

We are committed to make the cities we operate in better places to live. We are also committed to do the right thing towards our teammates, partners, customers, and the general public. More concretely what that means:

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  • Employees – We’re committed to being a great company to work for. We treat each other fairly, we promote equal opportunities and encourage diversity. We take pride in what people of Globli do not just during their time with the company, but also the impact they will create in their future endeavors after Globli.
  • Couriers – We’re committed to being a fair and sustainable platform. We treat our courier partners with respect. We always listen to feedback and regularly survey how our couriers are doing. We take pride in trying to increase earnings, introduce safety nets and remove hindrances as we continue growing and investing into making our products and technologies better.
  • Partners – We’re committed to being a long-term partner. Through our service,  we bring partners more orders, and we’re always helpful and responsive. We strive to find a long-term sustainable balance between our and the partner’s business in each of the cities we operate in.
  • Customers – We’re committed to being a great service and we will do our best to keep our customers happy. We’re available and respond to customers as quickly as possible. We own our mistakes, are committed to improving over time and pushing for the best real-time customer support in the world.
  • Society –  We’re committed to being a climate-conscious company. We compensate for the CO2 emissions of Wolt deliveries, and we will continue to take more action to fight climate change. We push for platform work that is a complementary and long-term sustainable model of work that makes our societies better and have higher opportunity because of what we do.
  • Investors — we build a long-term sustainable company that is able to make profit while finding the right balance with the above. This allows us to keep investing and improving as a company in how we operate, and is the only way for us to be around for the long-term for all of our customers, partners and employees.

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