Whatever You Want, We Get It

Globli is the delivery service app that connects business owners and their customers through reliable and efficient delivery partner riders. Our mission is to enable anyone to have anything delivered on demand.

We’re on MISSION

We are on a mission to build affordable technology solutions that will create income-generating opportunities for tens of thousands in Tanzania, while addressing rampant challenges in the transportation, logistics and payments sectors of the country.

What Do You Get When You Use Globli!

Here's HOW Globli find the hidden nearby services trapped inside your location


We offer blazing fast parcel delivery services with live tracking. The contents are insured when utilizing our delivery services.


Shop across your local pharmacies and get convenient delivery right to your door in under 30 minutes.


Browse thousands of new products. Select your favorites, pick your store(s) and press that magical order button.


Whether it’s fruits and vegetables or dairy and meat, we have this covered as well!

We takes care of your LAST MINUTE delivery requests

Supported by the network of professional drivers. Our community of on demand drivers – Runners – allow us to move at the speed of your business. There are hundreds of Runners across Tanzania ready to deliver any job, any time.


Globli connects you with a city fleet of crowd-sourced bodas at the touch of a button.


Faster, Better and More Affordable! That what you get when you choose Globli Bajaj.


Ask for a taxi at a place and time of your convenience. Pay by cash or wallet.

Car Rental

Count on Globli to take you where you need to go with self drive with affordable price.

With fast parcel delivery that speak louder than words

We build a fast and reliable logistics network whilst empowering a thousands micro-entrepreneurs through technology is the driving force behind all that we do!

Our services help move people, parcels and payments efficiently in a safe, reliable and inexpensive way. We utilize a bike as our mode of transport which outnumbers the cars by three times in Tanzania. It gets through the congested streets and narrow alleyways of cities faster than a rikshaw or a car.

Globli is your everyday, everything Super App

Faster, better and more affordable! That what you get when you choose Globli for your deliveries. Best of all you nominate what you think is a fair price to have your items delivered. Globli has hundreds of drivers in Dar es Salaam ready to help take your business to the next level of service.

Globli is 100% Tanzanian owned and operated. So when you choose to give Globli a go for your deliveries, you know that your investing in Tanzanian jobs.

Dispatch today, deliver today!


Moves your cargo from point A to B safely with upfront prices.


Moves your parcel from point A to B safely with upfront prices.


Moves your parcel from point A to B safely within city with no upfront.

We’re here to provide you with a hassle-free experience that makes your life easier.

Globli understands that you and your customers have different needs and offers services to suit them. After all, it is our job to ensure that you deliver the best customer experience at a great price.

Most Tanzania online business owners lose. Almost all of them

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We prioritize your safety

All of our partners are tracked and undergo a thorough background check to guarantee your safety.

Fast & Reliable

Each parcel or document that gets sent out with Globli is fully insured. Furthermore, you can track your parcel from start to delivery.

Maintain high quality standards

Your ratings and feedback help us ensure that you get the best experience with Globli every time.

Provide transparent pricing

Our charges have no hidden-costs, we ensure to list out all charges per service used.

Good to Go? Download the Globli app today!

Sending domestic and international packages has never been easier. With instant booking, easy pick-up, insurance, and live tracking, Globli makes goods simple.

When We Asked Our Customers What They Like About Globli,

Here's what they said:

“If you like to stay current on the shipping status of all of your online orders, then Globli is for you. It combines all of that info (often from multiple vendors) into one concise location.”

Siima H.

“Good app. I love being able to see where my packages are on the map and I love knowing that they delivered. The only issue I have is that sometimes I cannot add packages right away. ”

Nkayagwa J.

“Super convenient to have all my orders in one app and with real-time tracking. It has never been wrong with delivery estimates! Such a great app 👍”

Mwalutende D.

“Tracking my package’s 📦 is so easy. I really love seeing the arrow has moved and you get a full description of where your package is. ”

Anna K.